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From Einstein to Oppenheimer Colloquium Ehrenfestii

Colloquium Ehrenfestii

Contribution: Ivo van Vulpen (Professor in Science communication, in particular in the field of physics) and ()

Physics in Leiden has an enormously rich history. Many basic principles of modern physics were devised in Leiden, and famous scientists came to Leiden to consult with their peers. A tangible link to the past is the famous Ehrenfest Colloquium in which famous physicists talk to a wider audience about their work. At the end of the evening, the speaker gets to write their name on the wall to continue the line with illustrious predecessors such as Einstein, Bohr and Oppenheimer. This was first held in the home of physicist Paul Ehrenfest and mathematician Tatiana Afanasshewa and is now held at the Physics Institute.

Beatrix Campbell


My thesis supervisor Beatrix Campbell

Josephus Justus Scaliger


The greatest scholar of the 16th century Josephus Justus Scaliger

Buddy system


Nice start to academic journey Buddy system

Academic teaching


Impact on society Academic teaching


From Minerva to Mathematical Institute Becoming human



The start of student life EL CID

The invention of the capacitor


Leyden jar The invention of the capacitor

Herman Boerhaave, pioneer in medicine


Leiden is Boerhaave Herman Boerhaave, pioneer in medicine

The Sweat Room


A unique tradition The Sweat Room

Kamerlingh Onnes deserves a statue


The discovery of superconductivity Kamerlingh Onnes deserves a statue

University eights


Rowing with Olympic medalists University eights

Classes in the Old Observatory


Classes in the Old Observatory

Academic Historical Museum


A collection to cherish Academic Historical Museum

Elzevier printing press


My own family Elzevier printing press


My window to freedom Praesidium Libertatis

Hortus botanicus


From young visitor to prefect Hortus botanicus

My first aha moment


Reading your sources My first aha moment

The FooBar


Memorable encounters The FooBar

Hopping rabbits


View from the campus Hopping rabbits

Niels Stensen


Leiden’s first geology star Niels Stensen

Queen Beatrix’s honorary degree


Éducation permanente Queen Beatrix’s honorary degree

At the heart of the city


At the heart of the city

The true sensation of Leiden


Intangible but ever-present The true sensation of Leiden

Guided tour of the Academy Building


A real-life fairy tale Guided tour of the Academy Building


From sub-faculty... to city hall

Canal Watch (De Gracht­wacht)


Canal Watch (De Gracht­wacht)

The cortège


In academic gown The cortège

A new  Cleveringa


A new Cleveringa

Development opportunities


Job hopper Development opportunities



Thriving community Camaraderie

City criminologist


City criminologist

The Cleveringa meetings


The Cleveringa meetings

Knowledge centre


Children and anxiety Knowledge centre


That ‘my’ Leiden University feeling



Unlovely but loved Lipsius

Academic ceremonies


Party! Academic ceremonies

Christiaan Huygens


ChatGPT Christiaan Huygens