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From young visitor to prefect Hortus botanicus

Hortus botanicus

Contribution: Paul Keßler (professor of botanical gardens)

The Hortus botanicus is the part of the university that I personally appreciate most. I was 13 years old when, coming from Germany, I visited this garden for the first time. From that day on, I came back here every year with my ‘foster family’ from De Bilt. At the time, I could not have imagined that I would one day become the prefect of this amazing garden, a garden that will celebrate its 435th anniversary in 2025.

My first aha moment


Reading your sources My first aha moment

The FooBar


Memorable encounters The FooBar

Hopping rabbits


View from the campus Hopping rabbits

Niels Stensen


Leiden’s first geology star Niels Stensen

Queen Beatrix’s honorary degree


Éducation permanente Queen Beatrix’s honorary degree

At the heart of the city


At the heart of the city

The true sensation of Leiden


Intangible but ever-present The true sensation of Leiden

Guided tour of the Academy Building


A real-life fairy tale Guided tour of the Academy Building


From sub-faculty... to city hall

Canal Watch (De Gracht­wacht)


Canal Watch (De Gracht­wacht)

The cortège


In academic gown The cortège

A new  Cleveringa


A new Cleveringa

Development opportunities


Job hopper Development opportunities



Thriving community Camaraderie

City criminologist


City criminologist

The Cleveringa meetings


The Cleveringa meetings

Knowledge centre


Children and anxiety Knowledge centre


That ‘my’ Leiden University feeling



Unlovely but loved Lipsius

Academic ceremonies


Party! Academic ceremonies

Christiaan Huygens


ChatGPT Christiaan Huygens