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Canal Watch (De Gracht­wacht)

Canal Watch (De Gracht­wacht)

Contribution: Liselotte Rambonnet (biologist) and Auke-Florian Hiemstra (biologist)

Leiden has 28 kilometres of canals, but sail along them and you’ll soon have collected 15 bin bags of litter. Volunteers use De Grachtwacht’s fleet of canoes to clean the canals every Sunday and we use these same canoes for research and tackling litter at the source. You’ll the most unusual finds in our canal museum on Mare Bridge. We now use deposit cups in Leiden, have plastic-free pavement cafés and are gathering new knowledge on urban waste. It’s fantastic that Leiden University supports collaboration between researchers and society because we can all use help with today’s big challenges. Why not join us sometime?

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