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Party! Academic ceremonies

Academic ceremonies

Contribution: Erick van Zuijlen (beadle since 2016)

Being a beadle is a kind of calling. The good thing is that you can offer support during academic ceremonies. So for me, these are the best things about the university: PhD defences, inaugural lectures and valedictory lectures. It is always a bit nerve-wracking for those involved. Their partner, parents, family and friends are present, all in their Sunday best. Someone who was defending their PhD once said: ‘It feels a bit like I’m marrying myself.’ It’s always a big celebration and everyone is proud. You experience so many wonderful things. There was once such a sweet mother who was her son’s assistant at his PhD defence. She said, ‘Mr Beadle, it’s his birthday today. Can we start ceremony by singing Happy Birthday?

Christiaan Huygens


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